A Veteran & Family Man Who Listens to You!

Vote Everett Roy

for City Council District 1

District 1 needs a City Council Member who will…

Bring more resources, funding, and programs to District 1

Fight against raising your taxes

Listen and be your voice on the City Council

As your City of Corpus Christi District 1 Council Member, I want to use my experience, knowledge, and passion for serving to help make Corpus Christi and District 1 a better, safer place for you and your family.

The issues that matter to you, matter to me too!

As a leader in Corpus Christi and former City Council Member, I am deeply aware of the struggles, frustrations, and roadblocks our city is facing. As your City Council Member, I want to focus city funding and resources on making serious progress toward:

Fixing our streets

Our city needs proactive solutions to fix and repair our streets to ensure you can safely travel around the city without dodging potholes and puddles.

Better Budgeting & Planning

I will examine the city’s fiscal policy to ensure our city is responsibly allocating funds to the programs that matter most to you while fighting against tax increases.

Modernizing our Water Infrastructure

It’s time to bring our water infrastructure into the 21st Century by ensuring our city has adequate water resources and modern water delivery systems.

Economic Growth & Development

With so many new economic opportunities coming to Corpus Christi, it is important to focus our efforts and resources on opportunities that do more than just lower unemployment, they must also improve and uplift our quality of life

Improved Traffic Flow & Sidewalks

I want to fight to make our streets safer in all of District 1.  We need sidewalks on main streets like Leopard and Northwest Blvd. in  Annaville and Calallen.

Improved Educational Opportunities

I will advocate for and encourage our city to invest in its future by creating more early childhood development opportunities and focusing on high-demand occupations.